Thursday 1 September 2016


Global Management Group

"Established since 2002 (known formerly as Orchard Dental Centre Pte Ltd)"

Global Management Group (GMG), the only Healthcare Consultant in South Asia, (known formerly as Orchard Dental Centre Pte Ltd since 1977) was established in 2002 by Dr Peter Tay.

GMG serves the needs of healthcare companies, their professionals and team members in all aspects of practice management to enhance their performance.

Our Services:

- Consultancy & Management of Healthcare Practices
- Marketing of Healthcare Services
- Arranging Mergers, Acquisitions, and etc of Healthcare Practices
- Sourcing and Training of Healthcare personnel according to client needs
- Provision of temporary manpower (healthcare professional, auxiliary etc)
- Designing & Equipping of Healthcare Practices
- Organizing of Seminars & Conferences on Healthcare
- Provision of Consultancy for ad-hoc advice